Keeping up is hard

Keeping up… it can be hard, can’t it? You see a post on instagram that your friend is on vacation…and the other is out shopping with friends…and then you sit and look around at the endless amount of laundry that needs to be done…and dishes that are scattered throughout the house, spit up covered all over your clothes…and yesterdays makeup still smudged all over your face (or the day before that maybe?!) And you think “wow! I have so much to do, and im so tired and…” then you feel yucky about your day.

But we have to change that thought process. What you are doing RIGHT NOW is enough. You are enough!

Keeping up is hard. But you arent alone. We all have an innate desire to want to “keep up” and I think… that sometimes we have to put the phone down, and tune in for a little bit to realize just how wonderful the life we have made for ourselves really is, and it’s right in front of us! So here is my solution..

Simplify. Simplify. Simplify….

That has been my motto lately. And it has truly changed my life. It has changed my relationships. It has been the single most important thing that I have changed about myself. To live simply.

Things that seem great in others life, may be great for them, but it doesnt mean that you have to be doing it. I have 5 kids, and its great for me.. but if you decide to not have any children, or have 1 or two, then good for you! Do what makes you happy!

We all have good day, hard day’s, bad days… too much yelling days… loads and loads of laundry days and dishes and clutter… We all want the best for us and our families… we are all in it together!

So now, think about how you can simplify your life. Declutter… it will free your mind. Take a phone break. A social media break (even for a half a day) it really is empowering. And take the time to listen and be present for those who choose to be there for you, day in and day out.. because those people are the ones who matter.

What sort of things do you find helpful to simplify your life?

Have a simple, beautiful day!
Cassi 💟💟💟

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