Fall is almost over!

My goodness do the seasons change fast! It’s starting to get much cooler around here (we are in NH) and life seems to be slowing down… (I mean, as much as it can with 5 kids haha!) No really though, we are in between soccer ending and basketball starting so it feels so nice to be home most nights as a family…. we sit down for dinner every night together no matter what we have going on because we find it’s so important to talk about our days and catch up all together as a family… the kids really enjoy it too. Fall is my favorite season. I love that it starts to cool down just a little… I love the colors of the leaves changing… but mostly, I love that life slows down after a busy summer. Cullen turned 5 October 5th… Camden took his first fall and needed stiches:(… we carved pumpkins… went to a corn maze… trick or treated, a few times…and Caitlyn still wears her costume almost daily 🙈\n🙈 Caitlyn and Callie also started dance… Carter and Callie played soccer… Callie did gymnastics… phew! It was busier than I remember now that I’m looking at pictures! All so fun though. This is what life’s about. Anyway, here is a glimpse of our fall 😍

Thanks for reading! Trying so hard to post more because someday I know I’ll look back and be thankful for this space to capture our memories in this busy life! Cassi 💕💕

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