Sweet Summer Time 

Schoooooools out for summahhh! 

I remember being a little kid and so excited for the last day of school…dreaming of summer vacation, no alarms…no rushing… no set plans…and now that Im a mama, I get even more excited for that last day because it means that my family is all home again, together, everyday!  I love no rushing around, no packed lunches…just slow moving and making memories…

 I can understand why big families homeschool now. I may not be right in this, but when one or two of my kids are gone…it throws off the sync of our family! I love all my babies home so much! 
Below is Carter, Callie and Cullen on their last day of 3rd, 2nd, and preschool… I literally cry when I see this picture. They grow too fast 😦 

we did rock painting, such an easy and fun project, I’m sure your kids would love it too! 

We try really hard to give each of our kids alone time with one of us…this was Callie and Mama time! We got hair cuts and smoothies… I find it to be so important, especially in a big family..but all families could benefit… to give each child that undivided attention. Its so busy here, all the time and I love having the time to listen and talk with just one of them 🙂 

Cullen learned to ride a bike without training wheels! First try and he took right off! So proud of him! 

My little free spirit, Caitlyn. I pray she is always so happy and free in her thoughts. Lofe is so simple if you allow it to be 💟💟💟

Camden took his first steps this summer, and he is so proud! It never gets old..even with a big family..those 1st steps we all get so excited! And mama gets teary because it means hes growing so quick! 

Carter and Cullen on their “dirtbikes” raising boys has been so fun 💟💟

Ill leave you with this quote, which is so much more important than I think some people think… 

I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far, whatever it is you are doing! Thanks for reading!

💟💟💟💟💟 Cassi 

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