How do I do it with five kids?! 

I get this statement… or question…all the time… “I don’t know how you do it!” Or “How do you do it?!” 

I wish I knew the right way to answer that question, but the truth is…some days even I don’t know how I do it… I just do it! I don’t know any different… I don’t even remember what life was like when I had 1 kid.. or 2…or even 3? I feel like even when I had 3, people would wonder how I do it so now that I have 5, I laugh to myself frequently about all the comments I used to get about how full my hands were back then… ha! You haven’t seen full hands until you have spent a day with me…okay, or even just a few minutes with me… 🙈🙈

My days never really truly begin in the morning, because the truth is… for the last 9 years I have either had a newborn or I have been pregnant…so, therefore.. if I am being totally honest… I havent slept through the night in almost 9 years… and I am not even close to kidding. So my days and nights blend together… filled with nursing sessions…diaper changes… nightmares from the big kids…or the famous “mommy, Im hungry, or thirsty…” seperating fights…bringing kids back to their beds…over and over and over.

Some days I think they are just trying to test my husband and I to see how insane they can try and make us?! Did I mention how thankful I am to have him through this beautiful chaos? (Thats a whole other blog post in itself that I need to write) 

By actual morning time, hubby is off to run his trucking business so I am solo after 430am…and soon after that, kids start waking up…so go time it is. 

Breakfast for five littles…with all different tastes, and preferences and personalities and reheating my coffee 5 times because I keep forgetting I made it… 3 need showers… 3 needing help picking out their outfit.. but then it’s usually…. “no not that pair of pants!”…baby needs to be nursed… oh gosh, now Caitlyn just fell…and then Carter and Cal are fighting over who lost the brush yesterday, and who gets to use it first once its found…and ohhh my goodness the bus is coming so hurry hurry off to school… and just when I think I cannot possibly handle anymore… I walk into this…

It is a good thing she is cute! 😂😂😂 No, seriously though… life is busy but its so great too… so so amazing to be the mama to these 5 tiny little humans and help shape who they are in this big, crazy world.

2 days a week… while Cullen has preschool, for a few hours, I am down to 2 kids… and yet I still cannot wait to pick up Cullen from school, and I even more so can’t wait until Carter and Callie get home so we can all have family time, together. And then.. the chaos all begins again. And some days its hard…but its what I want in my life. I was made to be a mama. They have taught me more than I could have ever learned in my entire life at any big time career…or education… or both combined. I used to think I needed to be so successful in a career, and have a degree from the best college…then I started having kids…and my family grew, and the reality is… I don’t care what is or isnt at the end of my signature… I feel so blessed to raise these five littles day in and day out… that to me, is the best career in the entire world for me to pick! 
I AM a busy busy Mama! And, after many years of meeting other moms, and friends..and teachers…and other families… I have realized that having a large family…or even being around a large family, isn’t for everyone. And that is OK!!! It really is Okay! 

There is always always someone in our family who needs something.. always someone who needs a drink, or a snack, or help with homework…or is hurt….there is always someone crying..Can I please repeat that… there is probably always somebody crying! 🙈🙈🙈

I have recently realized…that for too many years, I have apologized to others for our beautiful chaos…. I stopped apologizing in the last year. I stopped applogizing because I’m not sorry! I’m not sorry that my kids each have their own independent personalities. Im not sorry that they don’t all want the same thing for breakfast. I’m not sorry that they cried because someone gave them the wrong sippy cup. I’m not sorry that they are in a grumpy mood. I’m not sorry…because they are human. They have feelings and needs and wants…and can you imagine if you were told day in, and day out what you HAD to eat that day? Or told what you HAD to wear? I am no longer sorry for my kids being who they are… I refuse to be! 

Some days though, friends….. I too, don’t quite know how I do it all. But, I do it. I do it because I want to. And because there is nothing at all sweeter in the world when the beautiful chaos, that my husband and I have created, settles down… and my kids climb up on the couch with me and snuggle me…or make me a home made card that says how much they love me…or help eachother get a snack because the other can’t quite reach the cabinet… or when carter does cullens hair… there is nothing sweeter than watching the beautiful relationships and love that they each have for one another grow each day… and after a busy long day… those sweet moments that I get to experience first hand…over and over and over… THAT is how I do it. 

Not everyday is easy…for me…or you…or people you meet on the street. We all do the best we can everyday..I have my moments where I feel like I can’t possibly make it through another melt down…or another night of no sleep… I have no big secret on how I raise five littles everyday, but I do know this…if you can surround yourself with people who want the best for you..and make you feel happy about yourself and your life… and ultimately…if you can make the choice to be happy, then you are doing the best you can too. Just making that choice can make all the difference in the world. 

Now off to preschool drop off. Have a beautiful day. 



4 thoughts on “How do I do it with five kids?! ”

  1. You are truly an amazing mama and friend. Thank you for sharing your story. I am so excited for you and love hearing that the struggle is real and it’s not just me!


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