Our Florida Vacation part one :):) 

Ahhhh that sweet sign…. we finally made it to Florida!  If you read the last post, it talks all about our ride down (which went great!) 

The first night in Florida we decided to get a room at The Enclave Suites so that we could rest up before travelling to stay with family in the Fort Myers area. 

The suite we had was absolutely perfect, just what we needed! It had 2 bedrooms,a full kitchen, 2 bathrooms.. an indoor and outdoor pool and a hot tub (which was heavenly!) I really wanted a room with plenty of space for the kids to run and stretch out… and plenty of beds and space to sleep! It was absolutely perfect. 

We woke up refreshed and ready to start our vacation with family! Here is a view from our suite the night we checked in, its beautiful. In the distance you can see Universal Studios! (Which we went to later in the week so fun!) 

The next morning, we woke up..had breakfast… and arrived in the Fort Myers area to stay with family! Cullen went right for the pool… we all were so happy to be with family! 

We settled in and let the kids swim… then decided to go to Mike Greenwell’s family fun park and we all rode go karts, which of course the kids loved!

 This same day we also went to a place called The Shell Factory where Carter and I rode on a zipline (so fun!) He was so excited to try it but as the lady buckled us… he started to panick and said NO No NO! I eventually convinced him to try and he is so glad he did…

And after watching Carter and mama do it, Callie decided she also wanted to try! 

So proud of them for doing it. I absolutely LOVE thrill rides. I always did as a kid too, but no one else in my family did….So I would always go alone..😭😭😭 But, now it’s so so fun to experience them with my kids! 

Here are a few more pictures from this day. We found a santa village and the kids got a kick out of that… (Camden was asleep) but here it is! 

After this we went back to my inlaws house and the kids played outside, rode bikes…met new friends that live next door..(isn’t it so amazing how kids can just make friends no matter where they are? It is incredible. Five minutes in and they are all BFF’s off riding bikes. We could all learn a thing or two from kids!)  No matter where we are, my kids meet friends… its so great to watch.

Caitlyn decided that under the barstool is where she was going to eat her apples. This was her spot! I love this girl so much, my little spit fire. She know’s what she wants in life, and not you…or me…or anyone else is going to change that. She wants what she wants and nothing less. I pray no one ever changes that or takes that away from her. Although some days it’s not an easy quality to parent, I admire her determination and strength. Gosh I love her. 

We found an amazing park near my inlaws house and I kid you not, the most amazing park ever… slides…basketball court, splash pad… coffee shop, free wifi… what a great place! I was thinking to myself how wonderful it is to see so many teenagers (atleast 30!) Playing basketball and running around, getting exercise. So incredible to watch so many children running and laughing, and playing. So different than back home where its a foot of snow and 10 degrees! 

Each night, hubby and I were so exhausted from all the daily tasks of keeping up with these five littles that we crashed early… vacation is so fun… but oh so tiring! Tomorrow is the beach! Off the snuggle with this cutie 🙂 

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