Our Florida vacation at the beach!  

The beach is my happy place. I feel like everyone says that… but there is just something so serene and comforting about being at the beach. The waves crashing… the miles of sandy beaches… kids playing in the sand… it is so peaceful. I feel like I could sit for hours and stare off into the horizon….and let my mind just wander… it is so magical. 🙌🙌🙌

We headed off to Lover’s Key State Park for our first beach adventure. Since it is winter and snowing in New Hampshire, I guess I forgot how much STUFF and work it is to bring 5 littles to the beach for one day! Ha! By the time I was done packing up the bathing suits…change of clothes… diapers…wipes… food…sippy cups..sand toys…towels…. ohhhh my gosh it was a lot of stuff… I was about ready for a nap! But, no time for naps…off to the beach we went! 

When we got to the state park, we parked and then a trolly took us over to the beach area. The kids really enjoyed the trolly ride 🙂 

It always make my heart smile when I see a picture of me with all FIVE of my babies. I remember as a little girl I always imagined having a big family. Seeing this picture, and their smiling faces makes all the chaos of getting ready to leave so worth every second. 

I am so thankful to have had this special time with them, and our family at the beach. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying this day at Lovers Key, as well as a few from Fort Myers Beach too! 

I don’t get many pictures of Carter and Cullen together, so this makes my heart explode. They are both such amazing boys…with completely different personalities… and when they take a moment out of their busy lives to take a picture together it means sooooo much to me! 

Caitlyn looks like a local, doesn’t she? She is so beautiful, I hope she always knows how beautiful and special she is. 

We even saw dolphins swimming just a few feet from us. It was so magical. Nature is a beautiful thing. I captured a quick video! Check it out 🙂 

It was a nice day. The sun was shining… the kids had fun… and we had a great day. 

 Thank you to my mother and father in law for having us and opening their home and hearts to our family. We love you both very much. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

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