We drove 1500 miles with 5 kids, 8 and under…and it went AMAZING!  (No really.. it did!)

We made it! The ride down went great. (No really, it did…I’m not just saying that to say it.. it REALLY went great) we left at night, around 7pm… a few quick stops for gas, and the store…and off we went!

The kids slept all night, hubby drove until around 2am…and I took over… he rested… and then finally around 10am the next morning we stopped for a break to let the kids burn some energy and have a snack! This is hubby and I when we got out…see we are still smiling! 🙂 

Here are a few pictures of the kids burning energy! (Such an important part of long road trips with kids… break as they need!)

After this, we drove the rest of the day… I had packed wraps and snacks and plenty of water for the ride down to help eliminate stops, and it worked out great!

Stopped around 3pm for a stretch and bathroom break…(and can I say how impressed I am that everyone used the bathroom at once each time?! We really never had anyone complain of needing to stop for a bathroom break….amazing right?!) 

Around 6pm we  decided to get a room in Orlando for the night since we wouldnt get to our final destination (Cape Coral to visit hubbys mom and dad!) Until 9pm based on the GPS…. and we really wanted to be rested when we arrived to their house! Starting off a trip with 5 kids.. in someone else’s home with exhausted kids… NOT a great idea right?! So I am so thankful we decided to do it this way! 
Around 630 we checked into our room in Orlando… this is me while hubby checked in… 

We got checked in, ordered take out… and went to sleep. Woke up the next day, enjoyed some yummy free breakfast… the pool and soaked in the hot tub and hit the road again..

Here’s a pic of the kids while hubby loaded the car up…

A Coffee break…one bathroom break….and 3 hours later to Cape Coral…and……

 There is something so liberating about accomplishing something that other people tell you will be so hard, and so exhausting, and OMG they would NEVER EVER do that but good luck! We did it. And it was great. We went into it with good intentions, plenty of food…snacks…dvd player…movies… kindles… pillows, blankets… toys… anything and everything that would make our road trip easy and enjoyable… we brought. 
Do I expect the road trip back to go as smooth? Nah, I never expect anything.. I just hope for the best and go into it with an open mind (and coffee…lots of coffee) 
Like I always say… stay positive, expect the best…and the rest will fall into place. 

 Time to enjoy our time with family. 
Have a beautiful day! 


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