Intro to our fun, LOUD, crazy life as a party of SEVEN! 

Hi! When I first starting thinking of writing a blog… many many years ago, I had ONE baby! And I thought to myself… what will I write? How will I write it all down and not be nervous about what people think… will anyone even read it?! 

Fast forward 8 1/2 more years, and here I am… WISHING I had started that very day, 8.5 years ago. 

My name is Cassi, I live in a small town in New Hampshire… in a fixer upper house, that my husband converted from a 2 family into a one family home for our growing family.. He is my High School sweetheart, and the moment I met him… I knew I had to keep him forever (and make lots of babies….HA!)

We have FIVE children…. Carter is our oldest and will be 9 in April, Callie is 7, Cullen is 4, Caitlyn is 2, and Camden is 6 months! (is that 5… because I did forget to  name one on our Christmas card this year… (that’s another blog moment!) 

I’m a stay at home mama, and my husband devotes his days to his trucking business. I feel so lucky and so blessed to be home with them each day.. even on the days where I am not so sure how I can make it another second without a break… (or a shower… in peace… what the heck is that anyways?!) 

I wish so badly that 8.5 years ago I had the courage to write a blog because looking back… all the moments that I have experienced as a mama, that are real and raw…funny..and sometimes sad… those moments I am forgetting as I’m getting older… and I wish SO badly I had wrote them down. 

That all changes today. Today I am starting this blog… where I will capture the life I live, day in and out….(okay I promise I wont blog EVERYDAY….ha!) with no expectations, except to capture my life and have somewhere to process thoughts on raising these 5 tiny humans….with my High School sweetheart… in our home in New Hampshire. 

more coming  later… off to make breakfast for my littles

❤ Cassi

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