Self doubt… It’s real, it’s ugly… and it has to STOP!

I have to admit this is a pretty big topic for me. My husband can for sure attest to this one…


I used to go on binges of needing things. (Okay, sometimes I still do it) That double stroller… need it, order it up…okay wait, nope that wont do.. because now I just looked up a mom blogger I follow and her life looks oh so easy with her single stroller with a boogie board and baby in ergo…. OH MY GOODNESS! Must RETURN double stroller ASAP, and buy that single NOW its perfect!

The struggle is real friends…the struggle is REAL.

Not only is it real, its also fake. That Mom blog I follow, and that super cute photo she posted? Guess what? That picture took about 25 minutes to take after begging her children to smile and look at the damn camera…after she also had to change the baby because he spit up all over her…. and that super cute ergo carrier? That got covered in spit up too…and so by the time she changed herself, and the baby….AND the ergo….she was about in tears, but just HAD to snap that cute photo to show the word…. “it’s okay. I GOT THIS”

I know this because, well, let’s face it. I’m a mom of FIVE kids, 8 and under. And I can for sure tell you that more than half of my photos show the glamour parts of my life. Its not all glamour. It’s NOT all easy…and we must all STOP comparing ourselves to other mom’s, other relationships, other careers..other peoples lives that we think we want because we see how great they have it, based on their social media pages…but really, it all has to stop.

Self doubt is real. Its ugly…and it lives inside of us all. We all have it and yet we still compare ourselves. We have to stop doing that. Everyone has happy times, and struggles and we all are just trying to do the best we can! I am no super mom, I am just a mom that has made the choice to try my hardest to be the best Mom and person that I can be. And that’s it!

Soon after I posted my first blog post, you know what I wanted to do? I wanted to delete it. I wanted to delete it so bad and then I told myself no way! I want this! This is for ME! I am proud to tell my story. The happy times, sad times, scary times…laugh out loud until my belly hurts times…all the times that make ME!

Im proud of the woman I have become. I have fought hard to become her though. It’s easy to assume other people have it easier… but happiness lives inside of us all. We have to wake up and CHOOSE to be happy.

No stroller, no house, no outfit… (although these things will fill us with a little happiness for a litte while) none of that will make us happy forever. Happiness is an inside job, wake up today and choose to be happy. Notice the little things. When your kids ask you to put the phone down and play… PUT THE PHONE down and play! And when you feel a little voice inside your head of self doubt, rise above. You’ve got this! Be YOU!

With all my love,

P.s. I turned 31 yesterday. THIRTY ONE! Say whaaaat??! My hubby and I were feeling brave and decided to take all FIVE kiddos to dinner to celebrate, it went great! As I always say… think the best and the rest will fall into place. We snapped a quick photo before we left… here it is 🙂 💑 img_20170302_060618_531

2 thoughts on “Self doubt… It’s real, it’s ugly… and it has to STOP!”

  1. Love you Cassi!! I’ve always admired you as a mother and friend. Even if you don’t think you have it all together all the time you sure do make it look easy!! ❤


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